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Hitachi splits data storage and digital services business

Hitachi splits data storage and digital services business

Hitachi is re-organising its technology divisions, which will result in its digital services unit being spun off from its data storage business.

Effective 1 November, 2023, the Hitachi Vantara digital solutions business will be spun off into a new company, Hitachi Digital Services, led by CEO Roger Lvin. Hitachi Digital Services will offer services in cloud, data, IoT, OT (operational technology) and IT integration services.

Hitachi Vantara, led by CEO Sheila Rohra, will “re-organise to further strengthen its storage and hybrid cloud-centric data infrastructure services portfolio”, said Hitachi.

Keiji Kojima, president and CEO of Hitachi, said: “Through this re-organisation, Hitachi will actively invest in the data infrastructure necessary for AI training and in OT and IT integration, to achieve company-wide digital transformation through the use of generative AI.”

Kojima added: “Going forward, Hitachi, together with GlobalLogic [a subsidiary], Hitachi Digital Services and the re-aligned Hitachi Vantara will contribute to solving various issues faced by our customers and society, by accumulating domain knowledge and data from a wide range of business fields, including energy and transportation [group industry verticals Hitachi focuses on].”