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Hybrid working sparks opportunity for MSPs but makes them an easy prey to cyber attacks

The hybrid and remote working movement spurred by the pandemic has been described as a “huge opportunity for MSPs” by industry leaders attending a virtual roundtable hosted by IT Europa but warns their in-demand services makes them an attractive target to threat actors. 

According to Kyle Torres, channel account executive, MSP UKI/WER, at Sophos, the hybrid workforce reality has created a unique opportunity for MSPs to demonstrate their value to clients at a time when enabling productive remote and home working continues to rise. 

“It’s a good time to be an MSP,” Torres said. “There are enormous opportunities for us all to help clients to be flexible and for MSPs to generate a lot of revenue. But as you scale, security remains paramount to avoid making yourself a high-profile target,” he added. 

Torres also highlighted the current environment provides MSPs with a prime opportunity to help their clients bring people back to the office or explore hybrid scenarios that deliver greater organisational flexibility. 

The increased imperative around security is echoed by Amelia Paro, cybersecurity advisor, channel enablement & sales expert at ID Agent.

“Security at all levels, and layers, is a big focus and will continue. MSPs are a target because of their function, and their importance in enabling increasingly dispersed workforces to engage, collaborate and be productive securely regardless of whether they are hybrid or otherwise.”

IntraLAN’s CEO, Andy Horn, concurred, “I believe there is no doubt that MSPs have to move from being to an MSSP because security is absolutely key – it’s on everyone’s lips now.”

When asked about hybrid working and the opportunities it presents for MSPs, Alex Horn, sales director of EMEA at IT Glue, states that more enterprise businesses are going to “start embracing the MSP model”.

The roundtable brought together IntraLAN's CEO Andy Horn, Alex Ford, sales director of EMEA at IT Glue, Kyle Torres, Channel Account Executive at, MSP UKI/WER, at Sophos, and Amelia Paro, a cybersecurity advisor, channel enablement & sales expert at ID Agent. 

The video of the roundtable will be available shortly.