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It’s 50-up for HYCU SaaS data protection programme

It’s 50-up for HYCU SaaS data protection programme

Data protection as-a-service provider HYCU has added its 50th service integration for customers needing to protect and recover data for IaaS, DBaaS, PaaS and SaaS application workloads.

HYCU launched its SaaS data protection programme for vendors, managed service providers and enterprises at the beginning of this year.

With few SaaS applications currently with enterprise backup and recovery software options available, HYCU R-Cloud and HYCU Marketplace makes it possible for leading SaaS vendors to offer protection to modern applications and associated microservices.

"We've created an industry-first platform to effortlessly protect, manage, and recover data no matter where it sits," said Simon Taylor, CEO of HYCU. “Introducing R-Cloud unlocked the ability to visualise an entire data estate, learn what data was protected and unprotected, and, with 1-click simplicity, turn on protection when no other way was possible.

“This offered companies a simple yet powerful way to protect their entire data landscape.”

Over the last few months, HYCU says it has added more than 40 new partners to accelerate the development of its protection modules and deliver integrations to users to protect their data.

SaaS applications already protected include Asana, Atlassian Confluence, Atlassian Jira Service Management, Atlassian Jira Asset Management, Atlassian Jira Config Management, Atlassian Jira Software, Atlassian Jira Work Management, Atlassian Product Discovery, Atlassian Trello, ClickUp, Google Workspace, Microsoft 365, Miro, Notion, Salesforce, Typeform, and Terraform.

As IT Europa said at the time of the February launch of R-Cloud, the vendor’s move was effectively a clarion call for SaaS vendors to integrate their technology with HYCU’s - for the benefit of all users in the SaaS space.

HYCU’s stated target at the time was to get 100 SaaS vendors integrated with its data protection and management products by the end of this year.

We felt it was a clever move to set what should have be an easy target out of 17,000 SaaS applications out there. The fact that HYCU has only just broken the 50 mark, shows that SaaS providers not offering their own protection are still sitting on their hands, and turning a blind eye to their customers’ needs.