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Know & Decide on partner recruitment for its ITAM platform

Know & Decide on partner recruitment for its ITAM platform

IT asset and management (ITAM) vendor Know & Decide wants to sign up new partners across Europe as it expands its market reach.

At last week’s IT Press Tour in Rome, which IT Europa attended, Emmanuel Moreau (pictured), CEO and founder of the company, said: “We made the first direct sales to major accounts in Belgium, Luxembourg, and France. We are now looking for partners because we want to stay focused on developing our solution.

“Our partner profile spans across vertical markets like asset management, ITSM [IT service management] and green IT.”

As part of the channel recruitment drive, the company is looking for VARs, OEMs, system integrators, and distributors. The product is sold as a three-year subscription and is based on the number of CIs (configuration items) controlled by the ITAM system.

Any component, whether physical, virtual, an application, middleware, software, WiFi points, workstations, laptops, printers, or actual users, can be located and managed by the CI inventory.

The annual cost per CI varies depending on the number of CIs present, but ranges from €10 to €1.

Know & Decide is headquartered in Luxembourg and has its development centre located in Tunisia, North Africa. The company was founded by ex-IT consultancy owner Moreau in 2015, and after a few years in developing the company’s technology, he expects the firm to reach sales of €2m this year.

The system manages all assets, wherever they are physically located or which database they are recorded in, using a single user interface (UI). It is a platform that can be complementary to other systems being used, for ITSM, for instance, or a replacement for other tools that aren’t all-encompassing.

Know & Decide says its software can be used for a global vision of assets, guarantee the quality of a configuration management database (CMDB), ensure the quality of a product plan, ensure the efficiency of the safety and cyber security (software updates) at a company, and deliver budget and cost model management.