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Lack of cloud control leaving businesses overcast finds Aptum

Lack of cloud control leaving businesses overcast finds Aptum

Whilst cloud services are helping 80% of IT professionals unlock greater profitability, 57% of businesses have encountered unexpected costs due to a lack of guidance on new tech, according to Aptum’s recent report.

The cloud-centric MSP suggests in its report, ‘A Bright Forecast on Cloud’, that a partner in the know is crucial for businesses looking to maximise the benefits of cloud services.

Leigh Plumley, Chief Revenue Officer at Aptum said: “Partners will provide a holistic approach encompassing best-practice architecture, security, resilience and cloud-connectivity”.

“For businesses to understand the true total cost of ownership and deliver maximum value from their cloud investments, it is essential to consider all these components of cloud architectures.”

Aptum’s report found that unforeseen costs racked up as organisations migrated workloads to different cloud platforms due to visibility and control becoming challenging to achieve.

This was reflected as 35% of respondents admitted they were wasting IT spend due to the inefficient use of cloud platforms.

According to Philbert Shih, Managing Director at consulting firm Structure Research, many of the pitfalls of cloud use have already been navigated by cloud MSPs through trial and error.

He said: “Service providers have established economies of expertise through repeated trials and operational scale; they are able to package all this know-how into a consumable service that end users can benefit from on day one.”