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Logicalis unveils new security offering

Global IT solutions and MSP Logicalis has launched its Secure OnMesh security solution, which the company says helps enable agility and innovation by transforming an organisation’s security into a flexible yet impenetrable fabric across the entire digital ecosystem.

In line with Gartner’s key trends for 2021, Logicalis says the launch represents its shift from the traditional, risk-focused approach to security to one that empowers the digital workplace with data-driven managed security services.

“The traditional view of cybersecurity is no longer fit for purpose,” said Michael Chanter, chief operating officer at Logicalis Group. “Security needs to be an intrinsic part of a business’s DNA as the workplace becomes increasingly digital. To safeguard data and operations, and compete in a modern marketplace, businesses need to respond to opportunities in real-time. This requires unprecedented digital agility and flexibility whilst also maintaining security and data integrity.”

Powered by Logicalis' global security operations centre and a team of security experts, Secure OnMesh is a cloud-native solution offering AI-enabled threat hunting capabilities of Azure Sentinel combined with the power of Cisco Secure X. 

The launch builds on the announcement that Logicalis joined the Microsoft Intelligent Security Association (MISA) earlier this month.