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MDR adoption to accelerate amidst rising cyber threats

As cybersecurity challenges escalate amidst growing economic uncertainties, MSPs will increasingly turn their focus towards Managed Detection and Response (MDR) services this year.

This shift was underscored at a 'Leaders in Discussion' roundtable in London, jointly hosted by cybersecurity firm Sophos and IT Europa – with a significant 80% of the MSP delegates present at the event leveraging MDR. Among these, 60% are breaking new ground by crafting their own solutions.

Kyle Torres, Senior Channel Account Executive at Sophos, drove this point home: “There's going to be a significant uptick in MDR. Given the current threat landscape, there’s a rising demand for this type of service.”

Emphasising the benefits of MDR, he said it furnishes MSPs with "a modern, ready-to-use, and 24/7 cybersecurity solution to proactively halt attacks.”

Supporting Torres's perspective, a representative from a Wales-based MSP remarked: “More and more organisations are recognising the importance of cybersecurity as a necessity. MDR offers the opportunity to enhance clients' overall security posture while also expanding their business.”

Recent studies also reinforce the momentum behind MDR adoption. According to Gartner, by 2025, half of all global organisations will be employing MDR services for continuous monitoring, threat detection, and responsive actions.

"Considering the data around MDR, there's potential for significant growth in the MSP market," Torres added.

Wrapping up the roundtable, Torres touched upon Sophos’ strategy: "Our roadmap is heavily influenced by community feedback, particularly in MDR.

“When we engage with a partner who offers their own MDR services, our goal isn't to be viewed as competition. Instead, we aim to complement and enhance what you already provide."

Conducted under Chatham House Rules, the roundtable featured various industry leaders, experts, and representatives from the MSP community.