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Netherlands appliance-builder bakes in Quest Software security

Excepta BV, a Dutch system builder, has a new partnership with Quest Software, a systems management, data protection and security software provider. Under the terms of the agreement, Excepta will build and deliver dedicated appliances with pre-installed Quest data protection software, aiming to offer the market a combination of  hardware and software to address customers’ back-up and recovery challenges.

“We are really excited that our long time cooperation has been sealed with this unique partnership” said Andy Schuurman, CEO - Excepta BV. “Quests’ solid product portfolio, its credible market position and a strong IT development department will enable a continued growth. Over 15 years ago we brought Quest AppAssure to Europe, the forerunner of Quest Rapid Recovery. We have a thorough understanding of the Quest protection software and are in the unique position to know exactly which combination of hardware and innovative technologies offer the best performance for our clients. We look forward to enter the international market together.”

Excepta is the only partner with this partnership status in EMEA and the third partner worldwide, it says. The first dedicated appliances delivered to market by Excepta will include pre-installed Quest Rapid Recovery and Quest QoreStor next-generation software. 

“The founders of Excepta have a proven track record of delivering innovative solutions that address the backup and recovery challenges customers face today,” said John O’Boyle, Director of Channel & Marketing - Quest Data Protection. “The company’s new range of appliances is another great example of their ability to identify an opportunity to further simplify IT and data protection processes for customers.  This combination of software and hardware delivered in a purpose-built, pre-configured package is a compelling proposition for customers and partners.”

The Excepta appliances are designed to help organizations manage their IT-continuity challenges in an efficient and thoughtful manner. Any organization, ranging from SMB to Enterprise, can benefit from these software pre-configures appliances with robust features, including threat detection and remediation, and optional integrated backup malware scanning and multifactor authentication. With a  modular setup, organizations can easily  add additional functionalities and extend storage capabilities to support business needs and future growth.