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Public sector lagging behind in cloud adoption

A new Paessler survey reveals that 81% of IT infrastructure remains non-cloud based, with the public sector emerging as the least transformed.

The survey involving 1,051 global IT administrators found that 92% of government data is still stored on-premises, while the tech sector leads with 24% of storage in the cloud.

Martin Hodgson, Regional Sales Manager, Northern Europe at Paessler AG said: "It’s clear that cloud adoption is the number one challenge for IT leaders; it’s not that easy to lift and shift.  Infrastructures are complex and it takes time to modernise.

“While cloud may help to reduce the carbon footprint of a business enabling them to meet their sustainability goals, it has to be right for them.”

Despite the challenges associated with shifting to the cloud, it has potential sustainability benefits.

However, only 37% of companies have initiated sustainable IT strategies, with 15% viewing it as unimportant.