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Rimini Street will now support ‘all’ business software

Rimini Street will now support ‘all’ business software

Third-party business software support services firm Rimini Street says it will now support “any” software package, over and above its established SAP, Oracle and, more recently, Salesforce support.

Rimini Street, in the market for the last 20 years, says its software support works out cheaper than the support offered by the software vendors themselves, and enables firms to keep hold of older versions of software that vendors want them to rip out and replace.

Today, it has announced Rimini Custom. “This is a game-changer for organisations that need to focus their limited IT resources on innovation and transformation investments, while ensuring existing, stable enterprise software applications, databases, and technologies continue to support mission-critical operations with an extended useful life,” said David Rowe, chief product officer and EVP of global transformation at Rimini Street.

With Rimini Custom, “software licensees can now bring their requests for support of just about any enterprise software product and release to Rimini Street”, says the provider.

To get the wider support, customers apply for a quote and Rimini will tell them whether they have the resources to support the software and will provide a custom quote to do it.