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Scality joins with Veeam to improve data flow

Scality has been selected as an inaugural launch partner for the Veeam Smart Object Storage API (SOSAPI) integration, as part of the just updated Veeam Data Platform, to improve storage data flow and consumption reporting.

In addition, Scality has been integrated into data immutability processing with Veeam’s new direct-to-object storage capabilities.

The collaboration provides ransomware protection, data immutability and operational efficiencies without sacrificing flexibility or performance, said the partners.

“Customers can rely on Scality and Veeam to keep their data protected and safe from ransomware,” said Andreas Neufert, vice president of product management for alliances at Veeam.

Paul Speciale, chief marketing officer at Scality, added: “Veeam is pushing the envelope to make backups incredibly simple, fast and reliable for customers. Scality has worked closely with Veeam to be one of the first software-defined object storage vendors to support the new Veeam Data Platform.”