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Tech jobs in continental Europe rise by 9% in first quarter, says CompTIA

The number of tech job ads being posted in Q1 2021 rose by 9% says CompTIA.


A report from CompTIA indicates that European employers posted nearly 900,000 advertisements for tech talent in the first quarter of 2021 – a jump of 9% over Q4 2020, and 40% higher than Q3 2020.

CompTIA’s European Tech Hiring Trends report tracked employer ads for technology workers across 10 European countries.

“This is an encouraging indicator that business is getting back on track, but it also reinforces what we have known for some time – that there is a wide chasm between the job opportunities available in the technology field and the number of individuals with the right skills to fill them,” said Graham Hunter, CompTIA’s vice president for business development in EMEA, APAC and Canada.

“We need to encourage more people from varied backgrounds and work experiences, and from all age ranges and education levels to join the tech workforce. CompTIA has the training and skills-building resources that will ready them for employment,” he added.

Entry level positions accounted for 39% of job posting and mid-to-advanced level positions made up a further 25% of the total. The remaining 36% of postings were unclassified.

Germany had the highest number of job postings with 421,109 ads, and both France and Poland each had over 100,000 tech job ads. Italy, the Netherlands and Poland recorded the highest percentage increases in tech job postings compared with Q4 2020.

According to the report, software developers, systems analysts and cybersecurity professionals were the most in-demand tech roles in Q1. But a deeper analysis shows that employers tend to seek well-rounded candidates with skills that extend into multiple aspects of technology, including infrastructure, data and business applications.

The biggest demand for tech expertise was seen in the information and communication sector, manufacturing, administrative and support services, professional, scientific and technical services and the finance and insurance industry.

The report examined job postings across Belgium, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania and Spain.