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The untapped meeting room opportunity!

It’s a market worth $7.7bn annually that very few partners are capitalising upon. The Audiovisual sector is surging in the wake of the pandemic as more organisations transition to a hybrid working model. For homeworkers, the modern laptop does a decent job but when it comes to midsized and larger meeting rooms, according to Bob Farahar,  Senior Market Development Manager for Shure, the actual number of spaces with a high-quality AV setup is still languishing in the low single digits. And based on recent sales data, the IT channel is in a great place to capitalise on this growing demand.

One of reasons that IT providers can step easily into this space is a new range of IP based and highly modular solutions designed to work seamlessly with Zoom and Teams. These platforms also fit neatly alongside the skill sets of MSPs, UC specialist and cabling installers that in previous years had passed on these AV projects to specialist contractors.

In this Channel Insight, Farah outlines the size and scope of the market, where the sweet spot resides for channel partners and the key benefits of its STEM product portfolio designed from the ground up to help partners stand out in terms of quality and reliability.

“There is a huge opportunity here to provide good quality video and audio  in meeting rooms –  we are not just talking about high-end boardrooms but pretty much all meeting rooms across the entire real estate.”

Bob Farahar,  Senior Market Development Manager, Shure