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Data Transfer as a Service

Organisations are generating digital data at the greatest volumes in history. Some of the biggest data producers include the media industry, life sciences, the extractive industries and academia. This massive digital data growth offers an opportunity for MSPs to aggregate, store, move, and activate data on behalf of their clients as a value-added service.

In the latest instalment of IT Europa Business Insights, Contributing Editor Will Garside sat with Kristy DeMarco Director, Vertical PLM Lyve Mobile at Seagate to discuss its new Data Transfer as a Service – and how the channel can break into this emerging market.

During the conversation, DeMarco outlined the mechanics of its new Lyve service, growth areas in Europe and its flexible engagement model that allows partners to be as hand on or off as they require. The session also explored how Seagate helps partners to open up this new opportunity through its engagement program. 

As DeMarco explains, “We have a great partner success team, they will engage with the partner on training and  help them understand the service and go through vertical use cases so they can really go and find those sweet spots.”

“If a partner is used to doing data migration, you can basically look at a data movement opportunity as a $1 attached to every $40 to $50 of migration or consulting type spend. So if you do the math on that, it's actually quite a large opportunity,” she added.