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Data Transfer as a Service – European partner project

Digital data is the most critical element of a vast array of operational workflows and getting it from A to B; securely, quickly, and reliably is essential for businesses while offering untapped opportunities  for the MSP community.

In the second part of our look at the potential offered by Data Transfer as a Service, IT Europa editor Will Garside sat with Michaela Hatch-Drennon, Sr Product Manager for Seagate Lyve Mobile  to discuss its channel model and the mechanics of a typical channel project.

During the conversation, Hatch-Drennon outlined the newly defined channel structure: “We offer two different partner programs. We have a transactional and a strategic partner program, which offer varying degrees of support from both the US and the European Lyve Mobile teams for go-to market activation, and activities to make this partnership successful. With that, we also offer partner discounts of up to 20% off list price.”

Hatch-Drennon also described a recent channel led project in Europe for a marine geo physical service provider that needed to transfer petabytes of seismic data collected on their ships at sea that needed to get to its land-based processing centers.

“[the Lyve] partner gave the customer the ability to copy their data to high capacity, wide mobile devices onboard their ships. And then they were able to digitize all their data prior to the secure delivery to the processing center. And once that data was processed, it was stored and shared via the cloud of the client’s choice,” explains Hatch-Drennon

The service, which is still being delivered through the partner used Lyve Mobile to read one petabyte of data in 36 hours, versus the multiple days that it was previously taking them in their processing center.

“So that was a huge improvement from a time sensitive data acquisition standpoint,” she adds, “The partner and the clients continue to have a successful relationship.”

Seagate Lyve is actively recruiting partners in Europe and Hatch-Drennon highlights that the smaller channel size offers an opportunity for early entry partners. “it’s a new space… and there is good potential here for increased and additional revenue for our partners.”

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