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Crayon draws up AI partner agenda with Google Cloud

Crayon draws up AI partner agenda with Google Cloud

Crayon is expanding its partnership with Google Cloud to deepen its expertise in generative AI, through its Centers of Excellence in the Europe, Asia Pacific, and Middle East and Africa regions.

With more than 150 data experts, and an increased focus on Google Cloud AI, Crayon says it will be able to deliver more “best-in-class” AI projects and solutions to customers and partners, including helping customers pilot and deploy products like Duet AI and Vertex AI.

"We are expanding our partnership with Google Cloud and the business value that we will create," said Crayon CEO Melissa Mulholland. “Our customers and partners increasingly see the need for using generative AI to provide better services and solutions. With our AI Centers of Excellence, we have the capabilities to help companies explore their own data and use it to accelerate their business.”

“Crayon’s long-time experience in digital transformation, its AI Centers of Excellence and deepening of its expertise on Google Cloud will help global business more quickly adopt and see value from AI,” added Bron Hastings, VP of partnerships at Google Cloud. “We will work together to accelerate customers’ AI-driven transformations.”