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Data management channel openings continue to come in

Data management channel openings continue to come in

Continuing our coverage from last week’s IT Press Tour of Colorado and Silicon Valley last week, here’s some more channel opportunities showcased at the event.


Supercomputer storage systems and flash storage vendor DDN, said its current aim is to address the data challenges of the “second wave of artificial intelligence”.

It says the first wave of AI was prevalent around four years ago, and since it invested in that, DDN maintains it has been the most successful investment it’s carried out.

It has now seen a “big leap” in demand for its data solutions in the last quarter, driven by the interest in generative AI, including Chat GPT, for instance.

“There are clearly many opportunities for ‘accelerated computing’”, it says.

While it currently has a smaller channel sales effort in Europe when compared to the US, using system integrators like Atos, for example, it says it is keen to extend its channel footprint in the region.

On flash storage efforts in the Tintri business unit, the company is enhancing the cloud engine in its offering, including improving Kubernetes integration and ransomware data protection.

Phison Technology

Phison Technology is headquartered in Taiwan and is a leading player in NAND flash storage technologies. It is a $2 billion turnover company operating globally, and supplies components to the world’s largest storage OEMs, including Samsung, Western Digital, Micron and Intel.

While Phison supplies components for leading consumer SSDs, it is less known in the enterprise space.

It wants to promote its enterprise effort with its IMAGIN+ data engagement platform. This is a go-to-market strategy to promote the expert engineering and customisation technology it can offer to enterprises for their niche projects and applications.


Ryan Farris (pictured) recently joined file storage vendor Qumulo as VP of product and product marketing, and told the IT Press Tour the vendor was planning to ramp up its channel presence in Europe.

Over the last 12 months, 160 new customers have been added – taking the total to around 900, and the firm operates in 20 countries so far.

The company has a channel-first strategy, and recently signed an alliance with Fujitsu in Europe to increase joint sales there. It has also struck a cloud marketplace deal with one of its current distributors to offer its services in the region as well.