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Yuzuy scales up channel effort for Qumulo data backups

Yuzuy scales up channel effort for Qumulo data backups

Qumulo object storage software is being increasingly used in Europe as the US-headquartered firm ramps up its channel strategy in the region. One of its technology partners here is offering backup and replication for Qumulo workloads, and is now looking to widen its own channel reach.

At this week’s IT Press Tour in Berlin, Yuzuy, an offshot from a Hamburg vendor agnostic system integrator, announced it partner scale-up plans.

Martin Kohl (pictured), co-founder and CEO of Yuzuy, said: “Qumulo is sold through the cloud and hardware vendors, and known for its ease-of-use, flexibility, easy upgrades and scalability across clouds, which is why we decided to develop a backup and replication solution for it.”

Yuzuy was founded at the back end of last year, and has already been busy finding customers for its software. Either direct or through partners, its software is already being used on a Deutsche Bahn project, at a Philippines media company, a large German advertising agency, and a Finnish manufacturing company in partnership with their MSP Fujitsu.

On the Tour, it was announced that international open source backup and replication provider Bareos was to use a plug-in from Yuzuy to service its own Qumulo customers.

Yuzuy software licenses, that come with support, start from €2,500 for managing 200 terabytes of data and go up to €12,900 for managing unlimited amounts of data.

Yuzuy is targeting Qumulo partners, OEMs and distributors for its solution, and in the UK, for instance, it has signed up Arrow as a distributor. Arrow was already a Qumulo distributor in the US, and is in the process of extending that coverage across Europe.

Qumulo has around 900 global customers, so on the face of it, the targeted market for Yuzuy, at the moment, is somewhat limited. If Qumulo itself continues to scale up though, and it is currently in a strong phase of growth – particularly in the cloud – that will change. And, of course, Yuzuy could develop backup and replication software for other storage platforms down the line?