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New Akamai partner plan aims to certify, add MSSPs

US-listed Akamai Technologies has a new Akamai Partner Program that aims to expand and supports channel partners’ high-value services. Partners will migrate into the new programme over a 6-month transition period.

Akamai’s eco-systems consists of Carriers, CSPs, MSSPs and SIs. In the new program the aim is to have all partners being basic certified and more than 50% being advanced certified in one or more product categories. To increase coverage and reach in certain markets and verticals Akamai plans to add more MSSPs to its eco-system in 2021.

Year over year Akami’s revenue coming from Channel Partners is growing, it tells IT Europa. “Today, roughly a third of Akamai’s ≈$3bn annual revenue (2020 annual revenue will be released in February) comes from Channel partners. Our robust engagement and enablement focused Partner Program is designed to further accelerate the growth of Channel Partner revenues.”

In Q3 of 2020 Cloud Security Solutions revenue of Akamai was $266 million, up 23% year-over-year and reached a $1bn run rate on an annualised bases. “The majority of Akamai’s partners are involved in delivering and supporting Akamai’s security offerings and are an important contributor to new customer growth. Today two-third of Akamai’s new customers come from channel partners. We believe that the new channel program and Akamai’s continuous investment in Products and new technologies like for example the recent acquisition of IoT and mobile device security provider Asavie will result in further partner-sourced new customer growth.”

“We recognise the crucial role our channel partners play in Akamai’s growth and success,” said Dr. Tom Leighton, co-founder and chief executive officer, Akamai Technologies. “The new Akamai Partner Program unleashes our partners’ potential, enabling them to build highly rewarding businesses around our intelligent edge products, while delivering great value to their customers.” 

Partners can now choose Basic or Advanced Certification levels, with additional training options and pricing incentives for Advanced Partners. Role-based mentoring by Akamai experts gives Advanced Partners the know-how to build a robust practice around Akamai solutions. The new, Certification Program is designed to help partner organisations and professionals enhance their market recognition and competitive advantage. 

The new Partner Program also expands the options for engagement with Akamai: as a solution provider, a fulfilment partner, or a global systems integrator. This allows organisations to align their Akamai partnership with their own business models. Solution providers now have the ability to serve all of their customers’ Akamai product needs independently—from sales to service and support. They can serve as a single, trusted, “go-to” resource, strengthening customer relationships and improving their business outcomes, it says.

Financial incentives have also been realigned to emphasise greater rewards for partners that deliver greater value to their customers with Akamai solutions. Certified partners that deliver more services to customers benefit the most, maximising the return on their investment in service delivery resources. In addition, Akamai’s tiered sales value structure has been updated to provide globally consistent benefits, it says.

“We have designed our programme to offer partners more flexibility, the opportunity for better profitability and more resources to deliver value-added services to their customers.” said Michael McCollough, Global Vice President, Channels and Alliances at Akamai. “Certified partners that deliver more services to customers benefit the most, maximising the return on their investment in service delivery resources. We believe this new and improved programme will strengthen Akamai’s position as the partner of choice in our market space.”