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OVHcloud bolsters PaaS portfolio with ForePaaS acquisition

OVHcloud has finalised the acquisition of ForePaaS, a unified platform specialising in data analytics, machine learning, and AI projects for businesses, for an undisclosed sum.

The transaction will enable the French cloud computing firm to expand the portfolio of its PaaS offering, with 23 employees from the ForePaaS team and its founders joining the group from today. 

"By acquiring ForePaaS, we are endowing ourselves with an expert team that will complete the spectrum of OVHcloud's competencies to fast-track the delivery of an expanded portfolio of development environments in the PaaS segment,” said Thierry Souche, CTO of OVHcloud. “This acquisition of technology bricks and skills will allow us to serve an increasing breadth of use cases for our clients who are looking for agile solutions to facilitate their adoption of the cloud and give them full control over the lifecycle of their data."

To date, OVHcloud offers a catalogue of more than 70 PaaS solutions and plans to expand it to 80 by the end of August this year. By acquiring ForePaaS, OVHcloud developers will be provided with a complete suite of solutions to address the entire data value chain, from storage to database administration to AI algorithms.

“Since our inception in 2015, we have been working hard to fulfill a vision, one where companies would be able to create and manage their own AI and Data analytics Factory simply and autonomously,” added Paul Sinaï, CEO of ForePaaS. “Today, I am delighted with this alliance which will allow us, to jointly provide companies with a new generation of platforms for the large-scale deployment of their critical applications."

In line with the recent acquisitions of OpenIO, Exten Technologies and BuyDRM, OVHcloud said it will pursue its strategy of targeted acquisitions to accelerate the deployment of PaaS solutions on an open and trusted infrastructure that provides unfettered sovereignty over data.